Study Finds 52 Percent of Men Don’t Think They Benefit from Birth Control

By Evonne Ermey

How important is birth control to men? They don’t even know.

A recent survey conducted by non-partisan polling group PerryUndem, shows that 52 percent of male voters do not believe they personally benefit from women having access to birth control.


We could launch into all the ways that this is ridiculous – Like how many babies do these non-benefitting men have or, better yet, how many babies do they NOT have because their partners had access to birth control? – But Twitter took up the task.

The sentiment of some people on Twitter, is that women don’t care what men think – Birth control is for the benefit of women, not men – But, this discounts the fact that it is often men making decisions about when and how women are able to access birth control.

The poll also found that 33 percent of women voters of reproductive age (between 18 and 44) could not pay more than $10 for birth control if they had to buy it today.

While thoughts toward birth control were mostly progressive – 8 in 10 voters believed women should be able to have sex without fear of pregnancy, and a majority of users link affordable birth control with women’s rights, equality, and sexual freedom – men’s inability to recognize their personal benefit from birth control is troubling.

Easily accessible birth control has become an increasingly difficult task under the Trump administration – Attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and plans to roll back the birth control mandate – we need men to understand that they are stakeholders in the fight.

Yo dudes, your sperm, if not neutralized, tuns into babies. How many babies do you want? Less than 20? That means you personally benefit from birth control. Congratulations.


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