Thoughts on Thanksgiving 2017

This time last Thanksgiving, I was having difficulty finding anything to be thankful for. Like many of my friends, I was drowning under the weight of navigating a holiday table set with potential political landmines. In other words, I was set to have a good ol “Pussy Grabbin” time while stuffing my face full of turkey, green beans, and “Make America Great Again” bullshit.

It’s been 365 days and my political sentiments haven’t changed. But, in that time, the universe has done a pretty good job of bitch-slapping some gratitude into me. so here are the things I am thankful for this year.

My Family – I came too close to losing a family member this year. What a rollercoaster ride. Hospital hours, miscommunication over long distances, and general uncertainty, tested everybody’s stamina and patience. I am beyond thankful for the outcome to this crisis, and for both of my sisters, Betty and Liz, for their beastly levels of endurance. After running this gauntlet with them, I feel like my family is emotionally stronger than it has ever been.

I’m grateful for my new nephew, Jake. And I’m grateful for my Grandma Pearl who celebrated 100 years on this Earth, just last month. Incredible.

My Boyfriend – Oscar got to watch me ride the rails quite a lot this year. Sometimes it felt like he was the only still thing in the world, while I was thrashing about, fighting every current in the universe. He took blasts of misdirected anger with super human efficiency, and he never stopped holding my hand, not even in the middle of the night when we were both supposed to be sleeping.

My Dogs I read a recent study that indicates a causal relationship between dog ownership and life longevity. I’m a believer.

Friends really are the family you choose.

My Friends – I would call it luck, but it’s not. For almost 20-years my best girlfriends and I have faithfully maintained our relationship, even when it’s not convenient, even when we are bugging the shit out of each other. All of that work means that I always have at least five people who know me, like REALLY KNOW ME, and who will stop, drop and respond when I throw the Bat Signal in the air.

I’m making a promise to myself to meet the upcoming year with a greater sense of gratitude.

And to anyone struggling to find thanks this holiday, try looking to your family, your friends, and your partners for inspiration. And if that bank is empty, look inward.

Happy Turkey day everybody!



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